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Preventive Health Care

We pay close attention to this medical field because we understand that the best care for your pet is guaranteed by preventive plans, which allow us to detect any appearance of unwanted illnesses.

NUTRITION AND OBESITY: We provide nutritional recommendations and plans adapted to each animal according to their life stages, medical conditions, breed and dietary preferences. We place special emphasis on preventive obesity and its control once detected.

GERIATRIC PROGRAMS: Diagnosing common illnesses related to the age in its early stages is key. Cardiac, hepatic, renal or ophthalmic illnesses are some of the most frequent. We prescribe diets, medications or exercises to correct or delay its evolution.

DENTAL HEALTH PROGRAMS: Keeping an appropriate dental hygiene is basic in order to avoid infection and other dental pathologies, especially in small dog breeds. We establish dental hygiene plans and we periodically offer different campaigns regarding this topic.

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